About Tae


Let’s get the business side of things out of the way first, we both know that’s why you’re here. You need some reassurance that this “Tae” individual is legit. #WeGetIt—the internet is full of “fake it till you make it” sans the “make it.” So here’s the Cole’s Notes version:

Tae graduated from university twice, once with a Bachelor of Communication in Journalism, then with a Master of Arts in Intercultural and International Communication. She holds two awards from the Canadian Public Relations Society (seriously, they actually give you plaques you can hold), was formerly a journalist (before you ask, her most “famous” interview was the Wiggles—which if you’re in the under 10 age range is a HUGE get), and has legitimate experience in public relations, marketing and communication. Plus, she podcasts, blogs and writes a lot of stuff.

Previously operating as “Indy Arts” she has worked with clients around the world—including, the UK, Greece, the Netherlands, Malawi, Australia, Canada and the United States. She helps her clients with their content marketing and overall strategy.

#BoringStuffOutOfTheWay—Tae started out as a general “freelance writer” and still takes on the occasional writing client when she finds something she’s really passionate about. She mostly writes about travel, podcasting, finance, marketing and general business, but she also loves to bust out her film knowledge and a tad bit of comedy when she can. If you’re starting your own freelance writing journey, we’ve got a ton of great goodies for you.

She’s also wildly obsessed with podcasts. Not mildly but WILDLY. She is the creator, producer and co-host of The Lady Dicks, The Fattest Girl in the Room and Please Watch My Film. And when she’s not working on her own podcasts, she produces podcasts for clients, writes about podcasts in Part-Time Podcaster on Medium and helps new podcasters get set up. Super interested in podcats? Check out our podcast resources page ?.

Tae is also the Editor in Chief of the plus-size fashion and lifestyle blog HelloTaee where she talks about fat girl problems, cute plus-size clothes and other lifestyle topics of the big and beautiful ?.

And when she’s not doing all of the above, she’s watching films. Copious amounts of films. Like, we mean, A LOT… often times the same ones over and over again… seriously she watched The Mummy three times last weekend.

Tae is SO PASSIONATE about films that not only does she volunteer with the Calgary International Film Festival and the Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers (she obviously lives in Calgary…), but she creates resources to help independent filmmakers market their projects. If you missed the big button on the front page you can check those bad boys out here, or you can catch the Please Watch My Film podcast which drops a new episode every #FilmFriday.

Let’s be honest, you obviously think Tae’s awesome now—we do too (seriously, she’s like so cool). In any case, if you want to know more about her #WeKnowYouDo you can: