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tae escaped from the harsh Canadian winters to the gorgeous emerald cost of Yucatan, Mexico, where she lives with her two lazy pugs and a slightly violent frenchie. when she’s not scooping the gulf waves out of her living room, she’s scheming up her next side hustle or watching copious amounts of true crime documentaries while writing your posts.
Expertise: SEO, affiliates, WP development, email
Years of Experience: 15
Academic Street Cred: B.Comn, MA
Lisa longs to escape from the excruciating heat and humidity of Texas and return to California someday soon. A single mom of two plus a wildly entertaining kitty, she loves working remotely in her pjs and binge watching anything from the Avengers to documentaries with the kids. Her creative side keeps her busy with new business ventures always brewing and wanting to pursue them all! Her love of writing makes blogging for you an enjoyable way to spend her work hours.
Expertise: SEO, Pinterest, photography, surface pattern design, email
Years of Experience: 16
Academic Street Cred: ECED, BA