Current Projects

Hello, Taee Hello, Taee is a community for plus size women who want to live their best #fat life. The blog serves up the best in plus size fashion, beauty, travel, relationships, and lifestyle, three to four times per week, and sees 8k monthly visitors who view 17k pages. The accompanying podcast, The Fattest Girl… Continue reading Current Projects

Work with me

I am always excited to hear about new opportunities and collaborations. On the writing front, my favourite pieces are long-form how-to guides in the small business and marketing space, anything about podcasting, product round-ups, and travel features. I typically do not cover news features or other short-form or timely content. I work with clients around… Continue reading Work with me

The Lady Dicks

The Lady Dicks dick-tect mystery, history, paranormal, and true crime stories on our weekly podcast. We’ve been going at it since January 2018, and are currently in our fourth season. We’ve published over 100 episodes and seen over 150,000 downloads. blog accompanies the podcast providing more haunts, fun stories, and travel advice. Visit The… Continue reading The Lady Dicks

Hello, Taee

Hello, Taee where you’ll find all of my musings on fashion, beauty, life, and business. Stemming from a desire to share deals on good clothes that go above an XL, it’s grown to be a community based on a desire to build a better life. While I’ve been plugging along at this bad small but… Continue reading Hello, Taee


Business 1. Making payment terms work for you, published by Ownr 2. How to make money on Amazon published by Ownr 3. Why time tracking is important published by Hello, Taee 4. How to start a freelance writing career from scratch published by Start It Up 5. How to start a freelance writing career from… Continue reading Portfolio

Hello Bonsai: Accounting Software for New Entrepreneurs

Finding the perfect accounting software is crucial for your brand new business but it can be a bit of a challenge. If you’re fresh into your entrepreneurial journey and aren’t terribly familiar with accounting practices, looking for software can be overwhelming. For new freelancers and consultants, I highly recommend Hello Bonsai. I’ve been working with… Continue reading Hello Bonsai: Accounting Software for New Entrepreneurs