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    Common Qs & As:

    Q. Are you accepting new clients?

    Yes, of course! I freelance because I love working on new projects, in new industries, with new people. I’d love to hear about what kind of writing you’re looking for and how you think I could help!

    Q. What are your rates?

    I build client-specific packages and tend to charge a per-project rate because my clients find it’s easiest to build a predictable budget for the project. While my rates vary, they start at $300 per blog post.

    Q. What kind of projects do you work on?

    I used to work on a little bit of everything, but in the past few years I’ve narrowed my focus to creating content for blogs. My specialty is actionable, SEO driven content in the business, marketing and podcasting space. I also have extensive experience in affiliate-driven lifestyle content.

    Q. Will you promote my product on your blog?

    I am open to hearing about possible sponsored blog posts for any of my websites, so long as they fit with the intended audience. I have blogs dedicated to content marketing, plus size fashion and lifestyle for women, and paranormal and historic travel.

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