Current Projects

Hello, Taee

Hello, Taee is a community for plus size women who want to live their best #fat life. The blog serves up the best in plus size fashion, beauty, travel, relationships, and lifestyle, three to four times per week, and sees 8k monthly visitors who view 17k pages.

The accompanying podcast, The Fattest Girl in the Room, is relaunching on October 1, and features interviews with plus size trendsetters and influencers from fashion experts and performers, to cosplayers and authors.

The Lady Dicks

The Lady Dicks launches its fifth season on October 1, serving up historical stories about ghosts, ghouls, and goblins, with a focus on places you can visit on your next vacation.

The podcast sees roughly 2k listeners per month, with popular episodes covering the Stanley Hotel, Hoosac Tunnel, the Devil’s Gulch, and Disneyland.

Girl on the Run

Girl on the Run is a blog focused on building, growing, and running a business remotely while travelling.

Popcorn + Tea

Popcorn + Tea delivers content on the best books to read, shows and films to watch, and merchandise to get your hands on.

The Single Girl’s Guide to Real Adulting

The Single Girl’s Guide to Real Adulting provides tips, tricks, and insights on moving out and living alone for the first time.