Featured Projects


I am a project person. My friends and family members will tell you that I always have something new on the go and sometimes it’s hard to keep track. Fear not though, you can check out some of my current projects right here:

The Lady Dicks

I’ve been a true crime fanatic all of my life—I blame television shows like Murder She Wrote and Crime Scene Investigation for that—though realistically, Dateline and 48 Hours have been on my roster for much longer than they should have been. So, when I discovered true crime podcasts, my life was fulfilled.

After falling in love with podcast after podcast, and realizing how fast they were popping up and the varying quality of each, I decided I would start my own. And The Lady Dicks Podcast was born.

We’ve gone through changes and variations over the years, but today The Lady Dicks Podcast is a comedy-focused podcast that dick-tects stories about places that you can visit that are paranormal, mysterious or criminal in nature.

I do a lot of travel writing in my freelance practice and though I touch on travel in my personal blog, I always wanted to start a true travel blog on my own. Luckily for me, the “spooky traveller” section of the podcast was a hit (we tell you where to go and read the worst reviews from it for fun), so we decided to start a companion travel blog: Spooky Traveller.

As the writer and editor for Spooky Traveller, I share travel tips, tricks and spooky destinations. The blog was officially launched in November 2019.

Curvy Girl

I’ve dreamed of blogging forever but I can never seem to stay consistent with it. I’d go on great treks, then just completely forget about my latest blogging endeavour two weeks later. I just couldn’t seem to get it right… that is until I found something I absolutely loved blogging about—plus-size life!

I’m proud to say the Curvy Girl blog has been up and running for over two years now. And while it’s been through a bunch of changes and sometimes sees more content than others, it’s finally starting to turn into something I truly love.

On Curvy Girl I focus on plus-size fashion, health and beauty, travel, home and lifestyle topics. I try my best to post three to four new articles a week (though honestly, it varies), as well as run the @curvygirladulting Instagram page.

What I love so much about running Curvy Girl (besides the nice comments and opportunity to talk about clothes) is that it gives me a chance to experiment with blog posting so I can take my results and apply them to my client’s blogs.

Things like posting times and patterns, graphic design, SEO strategies, Instagram posts and different tools are all things that I experiment with and apply the results to my client’s work.

If you’re interested in stepping up your blogging game, you can follow my personal blogging journey from a business perspective right here on my business blog.