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Here at TSH Comms we LOVE marketing and we love movies, so we created Film Marketing Friday so we can bring it all together. Every Friday we release a bunch of juicy content related to marketing your next independent project. That content typically includes a podcast episode, blog post and an email with a few of our favourite resources.

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Please Watch My Film

Made for filmmakers by professional marketer Tae Haahr, the Please Watch My Film podcast provides actionable tips, tricks and marketing ideas for independent filmmakers to use to get their film seen by their audience.

Each episode of Please Watch My Film covers in-depth a particular marketing concept, breaks down an inspirational marketing campaign or it walks through how to do a particular marketing concept for your film.

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The Please Watch My Film podcast releases EVERY FRIDAY. If you’re looking for our top episode recommendations, you should check out:

We have a TON of great movie marketing topics coming up like how to define your target audience, designing a stellar social media campaign, dealing with marketing budgets and assembling your marketing team.

Download the Blair Witch Project Marketing Campaign Breakdown

If you listened to Deconstructing the Blair Witch Project Marketing Campaign on Please Watch My Film you’re probably looking for the PDF companion. You can download that bad boy right here.

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Movie Marketing FAQ

What does a film marketer do?

A film marketer or a film’s marketing manager design a marketing campaign that pitches a film to its intended target audience. They use a variety of tactics from social media to billboard campaigns to do this. This is not to be confused with a film’s publicist, which helps a film gain publicity or public visibility. These two roles work hand-in-hand, but publicity tends to be a tactic, it is not the marketing plan.

What is a film marketing campaign?

A marketing campaign is a focused, targeted component of an overall marketing strategy or plan. One of your film’s marketing campaigns might include reaching a specific audience like male video game enthusiasts aged 24 to 35 using the platform Twitch. A campaign is a design of actions that you use to reach one specific goal.

As a side, something like a press junket is an example of a publicity campaign under an overall publicity plan. Depending on your specific set up, your publicity plan might rest under your marketing plan or exist independent of it, but work in tandem. In most independent films, publicity will be under the marketing campaign where it exists.

How much does it cost to market a film?

The cost of marketing a film varies depending on your resources, access and overall plan. Even something like the genre of a film can impact marketing costs. A “Hollywood Blockbuster” marketing campaign might cost hundreds of thousands or millions to market, but the campaign to market a short film might be a few hundred dollars.

When it comes to marketing costs there is no mandatory or standard, but our best advice is don’t spend nothing to market your film.

What is film distribution and promotion?

Simply put, film distribution is getting your film to its intended audience for viewing. Film promotion, on the other hand, is making a film’s intended audience aware that it exists in the first place.