Hello, Taee

Hello, Taee where you’ll find all of my musings on fashion, beauty, life, and business. Stemming from a desire to share deals on good clothes that go above an XL, it’s grown to be a community based on a desire to build a better life.

While I’ve been plugging along at this bad small but mighty blog since January of 2020, starting in January of 2021 it really took off. From getting a few hundred visitors a month to roughly 5,000 unique visitors who check out 14,000 of its glorious pages every 28-days, its growth over the past few months has been exponential.

While this blog is by no means the main source of my income (that title is still held by my published works—bylined and not), it is chugging along at a steady rate of growth.

We are currently able to contract weekly social media management for Pinterest, and in the coming months hope to be able to add a few paid pieces by freelance writers, and a producer for the brand’s podcast The Fattest Girl in the Room.

Those interested in partnering with Hello, Taee should email editor@hellotaee.com.

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