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I am podcast obsessed.

Ever since I discovered my first true-crime podcast years ago, I’ve been hooked. I’ve done everything to learn how to create them because not only are they a great form of entertainment but they’re an amazing business tool.

You can find me on these podcasts…

The Lady Dicks Podcast

I started The Lady Dicks Podcast after discovering the record amount of true crime podcasts that were being published at an alarmingly fast rate. Podcasts of all shapes, sizes, themes, and most importantly, audio quality. I figured, that if they could do it, I could do it. And voila, The Lady Dicks Podcast was born.

Role: Creator, Producer & Co-Host

The Fattest Girl in the Room

The Fattest Girl in the Room is a comedic ode to life as a fat woman. It mixes a combination of solo-casts (called soapbox episodes) and traditional interview-style discussions with community members. Everyone’s felt like the fattest girl in the room at some point in their lives. Let’s talk about it.

Role: Creator, Producer & Host

Please Watch My Film

Putting her marketing superpowers to good use, host Tae helps independent filmmakers market their films. Each short episode drops every #FilmFriday and shares tips and tricks on how to market like the big boys without big boy budgets.

Role: Creator, Producer & Host

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