Why hello there!

So, it looks like you are looking to work together… AWESOME, I’m super excited. I offer four main service categories: blogging, general writing services, podcasting and marketing. I’ve included a brief overview of the service below, but if you want additional information or specific portfolio examples (most of my ghostwriting samples are on a strictly ask-only basis), please feel free to send me an email at

If you want more detailed information about services, please visit Indy Arts.

Blog Writing & Management

Blogging is imperative for your business, regardless of what industry you’re in. It helps you demonstrate your knowledge and skills to potential clients, provide value to existing clients and boost search results to your website.

But you have to do it correctly. It’s not enough to plop a blog post in there once a month and call it a day—there’s strategy involved. Lucky for you I’m a blogging pro (literally, people legitimately pay me to blog) and I’m here to help you run a top-notch blog that will help draw in clients and give you some clout in the industry.

You can work with me to either manage your blog—that’s where we put together a 12-month strategy, set some goals, build a blog brand and post some AMAZING content—or you can work with me as a blogger for hire, where we can create some really killer content that works with the blog strategy you already have.

If you’re interested in talking blogging with me, let’s talk.

Other Writing Services

If blogging’s not what you’re looking for but you still want a master wordsmith to help you bring your ideas to life, I have you covered. I write in a whole wack of areas, but specific verticles where I’m particularly experienced include:

  • Professional services (law, accounting, management consulting, engineering)
  • Medical services (dental, psychological, medical)
  • Lifestyle and travel
  • Business (marketing, finance, management)
  • Finance (both business and personal)
  • Podcasting
  • Filmmaking

Not one of those areas? No problem, hit me up and I’ll see what I can do. My writing services including creating the following types of pieces:

  • eBooks
  • website content
  • thought leadership articles
  • speeches
  • bios, resumes and letters
  • press packages
  • brand messaging

I offer all of my writing services as ghostwriting services, so your name will be all over it!

Interested in writing services? Let’s talk about it!

Podcast Producing, Marketing & Coaching

The use of podcasts in the content marketing mix of small businesses is on the rise which is great news for you. Not only are podcasts incredibly accessible no matter what your marketing skill level is, but they’re affordable and still considered to be unique.

If you’re looking to start or grow your own independent podcast, then you’re in luck. Podcasting is a passion of mine. Not only do I run my own podcast (a comedic paranormal-travel podcast called The Lady Dicks Podcast) but I also plan, produce and market podcasts for clients.

Whether you need someone to get you from A to Z, you simply want help getting off the ground or you need a hand getting your podcast to different ears, I’m here to help.

Let’s see what we can do for your podcast together.

Marketing Strategy & Consulting

Strategy is my middle name—technically it’s Stephanie but I say #closeenough—and I LOVE to help small businesses put together in-depth but super easy strategies that they can implement themselves.

I’m happy to help clients design their dream marketing strategy but make sure that it’s manageable for those of us that have new small businesses that can’t afford to hire a marketing team.

Not only do I do overall yearly marketing strategies with clients, but I help do up smaller campaign-specific strategies when you have something you REALLY want to get out, but you just don’t know what to focus on.

Do you need some marketing help? Hit me up and we can talk about it!