Grow Your Podcast


Podcasting is our favourite form of content marketing. While it’s not a new medium by any means, it’s new to the business world and there are brand new podcasts popping up all the time and we absolutely love it!

Podcasting is great because quite literally anyone can start a podcast. And once you’ve started, your growth is up to you. Whether your podcast is on an incredibly niche topic or it within a larger, more popular industry, there is a place for you.

And not only can we help you start your own podcast, but we’re dedicated to seeing you grow into the true podcast that you can be. Whether you’re doing it on your own or you need a little help, we are here for you!

Is it time for you to start your podcast?

Are you stuck in the podcast start-up loop? It’s where you’re consistently almost ready to get started on your podcast but you’re missing [insert component here] and you just can’t seem to get it together?

We totally get it. Getting off the ground can be a mixture of overwhelming and nervewracking. You want to get started so badly but you want things to be perfect. But things will never be perfect, there will never be a right time, and this is the sign that you’re looking for.

If you’re looking for a reason “why” this is why we think you should get started today:

  1. You will never achieve perfection, but you’ll watch other podcasts grow to where you could and should be already.
  2. If you start right now, 30 days from now your life could be completely different. So, get on it.
  3. You will only truly learn podcasting by doing, researching will only get you so far.
  4. Live is better than almost ready.
  5. You have no real reason not to.

Podcasting is for you if you want to grow your business, build a personal brand, share something that you’re passionate about and connect with people around the world.

Are you thinking of podcasting to boost your personal brand? Check out five ways that hosting a podcast can boost your career.

Are you ready to grow your podcast?

Getting your podcast off the ground is only one step of the process. Once you’re up you need to grow. And how do you do that? Marketing!

If you know anything about me, you know that I LOVE marketing. Seriously, I’ve dedicated my entire career to it, so I am SO EXCITED to help new podcasts grow.

If you’re ready to start growing your podcast, we can help. Whether you want a marketing partner, want to do it yourself but need someone to hold your hand or you just want access to helpful in-depth resources that can get you there, we’re happy to help!

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Podcasting FAQs

What do you need to start a podcast?

When it comes to starting a podcast, you can quite literally start with nothing if that’s what you have access to. But, if you’re able to add a few minor pieces of equipment, like a microphone, you’ll find the experience easier and the audio better.

How do I make a podcast for free?

Making a podcast with absolutely no money is possible. It will likely include using a device like your phone or computer to record the podcast for you with a pair of headphones (try to use headphones instead of recording with nothing if you have access) and using a free host that provides an RSS feed like Anchor.

Can you make money with podcasts?

Yes, you can make money with a podcast. How much money you can make depends on the size and engagement rate of your audience, along with your methods of monetization.