Startup Marketing


Startup marketing is a unique challenge. You’ve got a great new company, an awesome new idea and you’re ready to serve your customers—but you’ve got limited resources to make that happen. How can you possibly reach your future customers when they have no idea you exist, and you have a tiny budget to make that happen?

It’s a real conundrum that entrepreneurs come across all the time. 

But marketing doesn’t have to be a terribly expensive feat. Sure, the more money you have the more people you’re likely to reach. But the world is in a state where with some good digital marketing for your startup, a solid plan and an accurate picture of your audience, you can do a lot with a little. 

Here at TSH Strategies, we LOVE helping startups get off the ground as far as their marketing goes. We think there are so many awesome companies and ideas that are out there and we simply haven’t heard of. And while it might be selfish of us, we want to help out because we’d love the chance to hear about your project… organically! 

So, what do we offer?

We love to see new startups bloom and grow, and we believe that starts with stellar startup marketing. It’s time to show the world how amazing you are, let us help!

TSH Strategies School of Marketing

For those startups with out-of-pocket money or a seriously limited budget and eager teams to spread the word, we have affordable online classes just for you.

Whether you’re ready to make your first startup marketing plan, you want to cover your bases when it comes to social media marketing or you want to drill down on your customer avatars, we have something for you.