Upcoming this February

January was a foundation month—a lot of time was spent building, planning and preparing for this upcoming month of launches. On the roster, we have podcasts, websites and projects galore. I’ll be coming out with a brand new course, awesome free learning tools and a whole bunch of amazing things for you!

Things to watch out for in February:

  • HelloTaee.com launches again in February, you can check out the blog live and in action on Wednesday, February 5. I’ll be talking all about it on Instagram @HelloTaee.
  • The new Indy Arts website is launching this week as well. With a brand new look and a shift of focus from done-for-you to do-it-yourself to help serve our smaller audiences better, we’re excited to see how we can grow the community.
  • My brand new podcast The Fattest Girl in the Room launches this month. We’ll be talking to a whole host of fat and fabulous women who are living their best lives (or trying to) despite the fact that fat seems to be synonymous with ugly. The preview of the podcast will launch this week with the first episodes reaching your ears later this month.

Check this out now:

February is shaping up to be an AMAZING month and I cannot wait to see what happens.

What’s your February look like?